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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"


yee that was michael jackson, however that was a pretty ghetto flash movie. :p


That was ummm, funny. I am really confused though. I dont know maybe Im just dumb. Was that supposed to be Michel Jackson as a girl or is Marky Mark gay? Whatever good job.

its planet of the apes... WITH DISCO

ok for one thing...MICHEL JACKSON!?!? i just dont get it. but it was funny. i think it was better than the movies.

Shoot me now

This proves my theory that there is no god...please, for your own reputation and for those who have not seen this' sanity...destroy this and all traces from ANYTHING...and then insert some form of brain-parasite into your ear, perhaps that will teach you a lesson to be such a terrible person.

should get such bad reviews

the graphics were not terrible and it started out very promising - smooth and without fault. true it became rather random towards the end but im not complaining about the introduction of MJ.. he is the king in his own respect so....good job