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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"

Great idea

Hilarious storyline! Good use of bad musical artists. The sound and graphics seem a bit off at times, but overall, this is pretty decent.

Grabing your monkey

Great Flash
It rocks.
Drugs Are Bad, Mm'kay


nice job i like it alot

It takes two!

HAHA! When POTA came out, I called it "Marky Mark and the Monkey Bunch" as a joke, but you visualized it! Great flik! Sound coulda been better though...


I laughed all the way thru, especially when I got to see who the king was, man thats some crazy shit hahaha.... the only thing I think can be improved would be the sound quality, its not very good at the moment, try experimenting with different bit sizes... I would recommend something near about 48k