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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"

Umm, ok

Well, you started off ok. But the sound was for shit, and the rest made no sense.

A good laugh.

If you're looking for a good laugh, I recommend this one, if not just to see the "King" of the apes.

This was all right - wasn't great, but, ya know

I think think the whole idea of this one was good idea, however feel that the rest of everything needs work, a little improvement. The sound wasn't that good - the music was louder than the voices spoken - I thought. Think that the Illistration was a bit rough, with a little improvement though - think would make an overall difference.

it was mildly amusing

It was mildly amusing but it was completely fucked up at the same time. Like a crazy Mofo.

That was scary....

but, the movie was even more twisted...... at the end anyway.like this one was....