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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"


It was Ok but Graphics could be improved and i havent seen the movie but i understood it completley! Keep up the good work.

That was....different..


didnt see the ending on that one coming. it was creepy! LOL

thats a spicey meatball

right onI hate the new planet movie! What was burton thinking?
Any who fuck yea that humorus and the whole good viberation thing was the shizznite(pronounced shizz-night) lol good 1 keep them comming ps. the mike jackson thing was the cherrie on top

a pretty good style

well, I found this prety funny, but like the reviewer before me, the only decent humour really was the michael jackson joke! ayway a ncie idea, a spoof of planet of the apes and the animations weere fairly decent. graphics could use a little tweaking though.