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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"

Not all that bad

7 just for the Micheal Jackson joke!

Wah Da??!?!?!

No comment. Hm...actually, it was ok, excpet the whole Michael Jackson thing...and the lil. concert was pretty lame. Thats about it.


What da hell went on there wat happened???

summary...screw that

Wow...that last guy that reviewed this was a douche. It's like he thinks these things are easy to make or something...

Anyways, this was decently funny. Not that funny, but I wouldn't say it sucked. Good spoof...I was hopin to find one of that stupid-ass movie.

i thought it was good

i thought it was good, nice job. where did you get the monkey consept? how to draw them, thats all im worndering, thanks