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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"

What happened to his monkey?

Ugh!!! Micheal Jackson! Please no more horrible images please! Really this was perfect apart from the voices.


it's diffrent, but funny, the voices of the king ould use some change, i had to turn my speakers way up

made no sense at all

but i enjoyed this:

"Marky Mark as Mark Whalberg"

there are so many people that wont get that =)

I feel guilty about that mark.

This obviously took a lot of time, and the presentation and graphics are quite nnice.

However, the sound volume levels were badly adjusted to suit each other, and I couldn't understand some of the dialogue. Subtitles?

Also, maybe I just didn't find this funny. Or maybe I missed the entire joke through not being able to understand the audio.

better than the real version

great movie. your sound could use a little adjusting. some sounds were really quiet, like when michael talks and others were really loud in comparison.