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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"


Newgrounds first actual scary movie. Seriously. Horrible music...but that's just the start. HE MARRIES JACKSON? What the hell? Scary.


The guy before me... well...I don;t know what his problem was. But I thought it was rather good... Considering the comical twist at the end with Michael Jackson !!! He doe look like a monkey or something from planet of the apes in real life... so i guess the part was chosen for him

hehe :)

crap...nothing but crap

what the hell was that i could barly hear the charactors voices wile at the same time the music was too loud, but besides that it wasent entertaining in the least, watching this movie was a compleet waste of a minut! who ever made this should be shamed SHHHAAAAMMMMEEEDD!

I love it! Keep them coming.

I love it! Keep them coming.


Well done, but what the hell???