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Reviews for "Planet of the Apes: SE"


that was funny, the only problem i had with this movie is that the sound levels almost blew my ears off. I was cranking my speakers one seconds, and blowing them the next

it didnt make any sense

it didnt make any sense. if it was supposed to be the planet of the apes movie then the only way you would have been able to tell is because there was apes in it. it didnt relate much to "planet of the apes" at all. more like some screwed up drug induced dream.

marky mark is a joke on his own.....

a little dry, but it was funny.....it would've been funny enough just with the marky mark shit, but you took it to the next level with jack-o.

What was it all about?

Well - i'm sure it originated from a very original idea, but i just couldn't get the plot in it. What was it all about? a some guy chases his monkey, strands on the planet and meets Michael Jackson. Original, well maybe! But strange, definetly. I prefer something i can understand. And if i cannot understand it, then at least laugh at it =(

Funny as hell

That was great... liked the visual effect of the portal. Only complaint.. the sound was so low I could barely make out dialogue! The music was fine.. but the rest needs to be bumped up a bit!