Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

Excellent quality!

From what I can hear its mastered quite well and fits the genre perfectly, at least in my opinion it does. No complaints here.

I'd really like to know what you used to master this track. More specifically the compressor and EQ.

Glad to see you on the top 5 with me. (I'm really not to happy with the top 2 though...)

ZaronX responds:

I promised all my friends I'd only be upset if I was beaten by a crappy game remix. I got into the top 5, much to my glee, but lo, in the top spot, a Zelda attempt that is... it leaves something to be wanted, let's say? Amazes me what kinda things get on the top list from game nostalgia.

I think Erik (blackhole) got to you about this already since he did some final touch-ups for me, but the mastering is largely done with FL's Fruity Visual EQ 2 thing, and the only compression my little brain understands at present to any degree is the default limiter, albeit beaten into submission to stop sucking everything into a vortex of horror for the ears. I'm not particularly fancy.


Beautiful, I don't think there's any other words for it.

I really like the title.

And the song flows very well.
The melody is complementary to a jungle theme (more of a night jungle theme), and the use use of and electronic instrument combined with that didn't clash (like you'd expect it to).
Overall, I'd say that this piece as an original work is impeccable.
I found myself really enjoying the song as it seems to to be one of those that inspires me.
You deserve a cookie.

The phrase "Concrete Jungle" comes to mind...

ZaronX responds:

I do enjoy baked confections of many assortments, cookies included. This is a good idea.

It's an indoor artificial foresty place, so concrete jungle isn't too terribly off, and the ambience in mind is definitely leaning nightish with just a lot of cool colors everywhere~ So it's nice the song is reflecting that fairly well, as atmosphere is something I've been trying to push myself to get better at, and will be doing a lot of fiddling with over the course of this project. c:

No camplaints.

I haven't got any critisism here. Song sounds like it fits what you're going for, so, good job!


Fits the theme in your comment decently, but I don't think it deserves that good a rating. Your electronic mix with jungle instruments was good, but some jungle drums definitely needed to be added.

Try something along the lines of the intro to the song "You've Got To Play WoW" before the singer starts.

ZaronX responds:

Toms 'n' bongos doesn't really suit the feel I'm after for the stage, but thanks anyway.