Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

freakin' sweet!

amazing work on this piece. i'm currently looking around on here for some songs to use in a live action movie my friends and i shot and would like to try working with this piece to put it in the film if you allow. what do you say? :)

ZaronX responds:

Same thing as with the last guy:
As long as you link back to this post and give proper credit (assuming this winds up on YT, where links are able to be put in descriptions or what have you, otherwise just credit is fine), I don't mind.


is that an oboe playing throughout the piece? i like the high pitched sound it makes. i'm making a video game myself haha, and i'm trying at music too(which sucks). anyways, i'd love to know how i can make that sound. thanks! :)

ZaronX responds:

There's an oboe in there, yes, and it's just a soundfont. Most of my soundfonts come from right here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 200140

The other high-pitched thing is just a 3xOsc with a mix of triangle and square synths. If you mess with the buttons you can get some interesting things without ever even touching a knob, so I'm kinda curious what I can make it do if I keep fiddling with it. c:

Wonderful. Mind if i use this?

I was just wondering if i'd be allowed to use this as background music in a youtube video. (It's gameplay footage with text describing what i'm doing as a guide.)

ZaronX responds:

Just give a credit/link in the description back to this and I don't see why not.


best claming soundtrack this should be the background music of the legend of zelda series.


was just letting the best of the week play and this came on and i immediately had to stop my research and come this a 5/5.