Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

I had to rate this

I would wright a story for this song but that would be too complex for a simple, yet incredible harmonical track such as this one.

I loved what you did at 01:17 .. touched my heart and made my head fly into it's own sky of liberty <3


ZaronX responds:

Of all the reviews, this is the one that gives me the most happies.

Enjoyable to end!

Very nice theme, totally like it, especially the piano melodies :D

Really good

It reminds mind of a song of Phoenix wright (search) but only at the start.

Good job overall! 9/5


I like the tracks that have that "forest" settings , they are the best settings;specially in videogames. (Megaman Zero 4 , Donkey Kong Country, Chrono Trigger , etc.)

The melodies here are really well thought , they never get repetitive and you manage to distribute very well in your track. The instruments were beautiful, i wish that i could create some ambience like you did. I just feel that something sounds overcompressed but maybe it's just my ears.

I love this track man, it's has that "thing" that makes stand out of the others.

and that thing is called creativity.


Ruben-Acid Paradox-

ZaronX responds:

This one was a little weird because I started with the ambiance and kinda just went from there, but that seems to be working out well! :o

Erik helped me out with the final EQ/compression stuff, and I am particularly ignorant of the latter! But he admits he overcompressed the piano apparently. Meanwhile, I didn't even notice he'd changed it! So observant~! But yes that shall be looked into.

Thanks for the well-thought review! c:

Completely enchanting.

So people have been taking about this song being used in RPGs, hm? I agree, this song is absolutely beautiful. I could see it being used for a multiude of things; Exploration of an area after a major emotional event that gives your exploration meaning, or perhaps you and your band of adventurers has recently stumbled into an area famed for something in particular, like tough monsters or something.

This song gives me some kindo f feeling that you're going to go through some kind of challenge. Not a bad challenge, but still a gateway to a greater end...

if Level Up! Ever gets continued, I really hope the creators use this song if they find a use for it. I could see it working so well! ^w^

5/5 10/10 Favorited downloaded, EVERYTHING! I can listen to this for hours! It's a very inspirational track.

ZaronX responds:

A lot of my projects are related, game-wise, so there's always the potential the song or some variant of it could be used in a number of genres over time, RPG included. c: