Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"


I agree somewhat with m1kclark, this would be good in a 3rd-person adventure, though I say it could also be implemented into RPGs and sidescrollers. It sounds pretty universal in that sense.
You took a nice approach, with the techno-ish background beat coupled with the main tune in a more contemporary feel, it really gives it that serene feel, which I'm sure you were aiming for.

5/5 10/10 Fav Download
All 4 = Instant Awesome

Nice mixture of timbres

As a background for a game, this is perfect. The piano and strings lend it beauty and emphasize the dramatic impact of what the player sees, but the omnipresent percussion give the song some drive and impetus to match the movement and task-oriented nature of the game.

It would make a poor song for a puzzle game, RPG, or RTS, but it is perfect for a visually striking FPS or 3rd-person adventure. The scope of the music also suggests a 3D game, rather than a side-scroller, because of the level of detail and the sense of space that the reverberations give. It's truly perfect for its goal. Hats off, sir!

ZaronX responds:

I honestly find RPGs and side scrollers to make the most use of music and crank out the more memorable tunes in gaming (but maybe it's time to change that?), and think 2D can get a lot of depth into a world in its own way. You pair the right elements together, and dimensions or even genre don't matter anymore; you're in this world now! And that is how a well-designed game should be!

The question being if I can pull that off. x:

this is

very nice

it is relaxing and moving

there were some notes that didnt sound to good together but other then that i wouldnt change a thing about this song

ZaronX responds:

I've been noticing those, too, the more I listen to it. I improvised most of the piano stuff as I went (which was oodles fun!) and I think that paired with like zero music theory understanding lead to some unintentional discordance yonder. I shall try and keep that in check moving forward! o:


Keep at it!!!

This is awesome, i like this environment, It makes me feel Good!"

Memories that echo, so vibrantly in my mind.

This feels, and sounds like a dream. Wonderfully conspired, and drawn together. It's smooth and gentle, yet tangible and firm. Music to my ears.