Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

Reminds me of the music on megaman games...

Only better.

Nice and Simple

like my title, I like the simplicity of the song. The added ambiance around the 3 minute mark adds to the calmness, as does the xylophone (that is what it is, right?), but more so, I like how the xylophone takes off with the melody afterwards!
I hope that made sense, I'm getting tired, lol.

The concept of the first area of your game reminds me of MegaMan X4 :P
Anyways, I hope your game works out! This song will fit just fine!
Good Work :)

ZaronX responds:

It's a marimba, I guess, which kinda just looks like a big xylophone with a bunch of wind chimes hanging from the edges of it, if image search is to be believed.

Reminds me of flying over the water.

The intro reminds me of the song that plays in the Facebook game Happy Aquarium when you train your fish. :P


I like how you kept the melody light and interesting at all times, Definitely kept me listening all the way through.

I hope the game idea comes to life, because I would love to hear this song in it.

5'd, favorited, and downloaded. Thank you kindly. :)

wow it sounds great!

oh god its so calming.