Reviews for "[HP] Artificial Nature"

T3H PWN0Rz 0F 3q!x(epix)

This song is 100% Epix, yes, "Epix" To define Epix its like Epic, or Epics OR Epicz just 5x more Epic, If you agree vote a Check Mark(If you agree you don't really have to), so have fun listening to this epix music, p33pz...

Dear Creator,
Can j00 make a song with a mix of Face Raiders music? That'll be 3q!x t00!

ZaronX responds:

I h45 n07 p14y3d Face Raiders, s0 I'z n0t shur I'z kin hep j00! D:

Great, but...

While the main melody is great, the background synth melody (or should I say noise?) is gets extremely repetitive towards the end and impeded me of voting this a 5.


Great music overall. I would also like to see a song of the same kind, but with more techno. Again, it is a great song, but to me on this one, it's something is missing, something very extraordinary. You got something going, let's just see how far you can take it, and I believe that will be farther than Mars, my friend.

ZaronX responds:

I'm actually not all that great at techno, imo. If anything, I'd probably make a *less* techno version of the song at some point. Who knows, though?

I can hear the Transformer's Boss theme in there.

lol I remember this on AVGN where it was the ONLY other musiv on the cartridge. nice mix to it. :3

ZaronX responds:

I'll just take your word for it...?


You had me at piano.