Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


It was great. real spooky. but i dun understand why I got killed in the end...

danomano65 responds:

you have to read everything.

Me likey...

I liked it, played the whole thing. Was thinking that something was going 2 pop out and chase me, then i'd have 2 click the arrows really fast 2 get away. It was more of an interactive movie sorta, ya know. But i feel it should have more, cause i really don't like losing in games and u killing me sorta left me feeling like i lost.


Coooooool! great music nice pictures :p

great game

wish it would of ended better lol


Is that supposed to be LOST, the music was creepy and was well thought out but arrows were hardly visible and ending was stupid, was really creepy, the end did make me jump :)