Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


Well, good game, music fits the game very very well, but it kinda gets boring after a while. You should add some more to the game, and some arrows are nearly visible.

OK yeah good game

Good game but i didnt finish because i was to scared to go on.
the music was good it fit the mood of the game .
I hesitated on clicking every arrow cause i thought something would pop out

What A Great Game

Best Game I Have Seen In Ages

danomano65 responds:

really? awesome.


Great job and excellent photography but i'm a little confused about the ending. Is there any other possibility besides death. I doubt you tell me seeing as how the mystery is part of the shows draw but kudo's on the game.

danomano65 responds:

if you read all the notes, there's only one guy out there shooting people, and only a certain kinda of people.

friggen nice

This was a really well thought out and executed game - I really enjoyed it!

Also, you did a really nice job with the photoshop work. The perspectives/contrast/colors of the inserted objects matched the backgrounds really well. Bravo!