Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


Reminds me of Myst. With the books and all.

I hope that "something more" will include puzzles and the such.

Nice Attempt

Good attempt for a first try. It's a good base to make a good game, but for now lame.

pretty shnifty

i watched maybe two episodes of lost, way back when it started, but didn't hold onto it. this made me wana look into it again lol. i didn't know there was such a darkish scientific side to the show.
ps thanks for shooting me at the end.


interesting.... a little confusin about the way, and what we have to do... my fielings ask for more interaction wit things... but in a halfwaylife... its good for now and for the first game.. i enjoy
and... u get me in surprise on the end ! ouch


Good Graphics, although a bit larger and higher quality images would have been better. It would of made a great flash point and click or room escape game if it had an inventory of things to pick up and use to accomplish things. you could of even made it like an interactive episode (unless this was your intention as an introductory to a second part that is interactive). the direction arrows were clumsy, you often did not know what direction you just came from, so by process of elimination you would have to find the right arrow, which doesn't take long -- but still annoying. perhaps the arrows should change color and stay that color when you've visited that area.

this was less of an adventure and more like a slide show. No reason to view it more than once.