Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

it's very fun

with me being a HUGE lost fan i really enjoyed it.

Bit pointless

Sorry man but that was a bit pointless to me, the billions of rooms confused me and i had no clue what or where i was going


all that just to get fucking shot at the end!!!

Could Be Excellent...

Let me start of by saying the story was fantastic, I couldn't fault it as it felt as if it belonged in the Lost universe. The graphics were great and the music was spot on, however...

I was expecting an adventure game of sorts and what I got was a "find the arrow" game. Apart from the one light switch I have to turn on and the DHARMA documents (which were excellent by the way, especially the red manual) I felt as if there was no interactivity at all. If you were to introduce some puzzles and make the player think a bit, this game could be superb.

And I wasn't expecting that ending either, nice twist!


I love the show, kinda despressed that the latest (meaning newest) season is on halt until april...

I want every week, can't wait for the new episodes.... this is something to entertain me in the meantime!!! keep the great work up!