Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


woah that shot really surprised me there! Even more surprised when i got killed!


Pretty cool. I found myself getting into it, and I couldn't really explain why. Good job! ^.^


this was pretty nice, would have been better though with more options and interaction, but it was very nice.

looks easy to make though but well thought out. tell me did u take the pictures urself or did u find them on google?

danomano65 responds:

google for the most part. i took the picture of the greenhouse structure and the other exterior structure. they are places on the UT campus.

nice game

i love lost that was awsome game man i cant wait for the sequil help me out and email me at terrysteel5@hotmail.com and tell me when the sequals comeing much apreciated


I liked it, it was really creepy, especially the music. The notes and stuff made it feel like a sci-fi suspense mystery