Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

=S, I'm an idiot, got any hints?

I am one of these people who are obbsessed with Lost, but I'm also one of the rare types of people who are completely pathetic when it comes to these types of games. I managed to get to the Roslin Station, and so far it was very interesting, but after that, I didn't get a single thing, I went inside the Station, and thats as far as I got without being stuck, and the other reveiws are saying how the ending is good, can you give me a little bit of hint on what to do next?

danomano65 responds:

turn on the lights.

heheheh, rather shocking?

looked like a game simillar to room escapes ect, turned out to be an exploring one and HEY PRESTO!! I GOT SHOT AS AN ENDING!! :P


but short

Poor, but I like the idea...

Like the summary says I liked it, but it was lacking... First of all, very linear, too easy to just move along all the time basically. Ending was scary, I'm not easily frightened, but I jumped, I had no idea what was going on. The 23-sheeps, stroke of genius, it got that creepy gene lab-feeling to the game.

Something I'd like you to add in the (I assume there will be a...) sequel is more investigations, notes, keys to open some doors and so forth. This was a great game when it comes to atmosphere!

Hmm, not bad

It showed promise. I think however that you could do a lot more with the images you've acquired, make some actual puzzles or something.

Also, with a show like Lost, you need to make the setting more self-contained, any references to the show, or to theories regarding the show (e.g. - nanotechnology) could be invalidated at any time. In fact I believe the Abrams or Lindelof refuted nanotechnology in one of their podcasts.

Entertaining though.