Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

Good game.

But I gotta go with everyone else a little to tough and what "Duckers" said a game where u gotta give some 30 lives to be easy doesn't quite cut it as easy. yur second game crunchdown is 10 times better. good try but just doesn't cut it, sorry. ;(


It's an amazing game :D One of the best I have played but it is way too hard.

Fun, but.....

The game is extremely buggy. Also, why no health bar? one shot = death is kinda lame.

Lt. Canoncrotch >8(

(thought it was about someone taking nudie pictures with their new camera D:)

Great idea for a character... I think.... xD Anyway I went left the first thing I did and I fell down, but was still being able to go right and being "attacked" by the creeps (they couldnt hit me but anyway). I suggest you put a wall there.

Second - After "winning" at the bossfight it all just froze and the page redirected me to an audio called "dubsteep loop" here on newgrounds....... mean to happen? If so this game sucked.... If not, plz fix it xD cause I still enjoyed playing it

Don't play it, it's a waste of time

This game has lots of glitches.