Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


1 hit kill, way to hard, boring, boring story and gameplay, gay concept, and you stole the character design from Crunchdown. Overall this game is a piece of shit and you probably should try harder next time to make a better game or just don't make any at all. Frankly i don't really care, and if you are going to make the main character so death prone you should probably just make him invincible. I give you a 1 because of the somewhat creative idea behind the game but i am being very generous, this game is more like a 0.3. I'm just being nice. Your welcome.

Learn english...

The cannon crotch thing would be funny if not for all the retarded shit you put in the description of the game. Sometimes you just need to stfu. Drunk or not. Kinda ruined it for me. This shit definitely wasn't mint.


"hardcore hard game"


It's too hard, even on easy. Shouldn't be one-shot kill every time.


this game is fucking pathetic a guy who shoots balls from his crotch and its nowhere near fun i was bored after bout 20seconds and its to repetitive and the enemy's are just boring and the game is way to hard even on easy