Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

pretty good

The shooting and graphics were great, but I think you should have more weapons. The cannoncrotch concept kind of ruined it. His name should've been Special Agent Dick Cannon.

I-smel responds:

That's a dumb name

IT was ok

it wasnt that good . a little messed up.the shooting was good but it was a little average.by the way i think a better name would be cannoncock

I-smel responds:

Nah, that's kind of explicit.

Allright but too many glitchs

It was a decent game at best I mean I found it fun till i realized how many glitches there were and that really brings down a game.

Well for starters The graphics and animation, this is the part were you excelled at, all the people and movements seemed to clean and smooth the background looked really polished and the sprites look really sweet.

Now onto the game play, this game runs like every other hack and slash shooter type metal slug. However I felt like you didn't really take the time to fully think through the whole fundamentals, you see this game could have had so much more to it like you needed to add in more then one directional shooting. You also really needed to make it easier I mean the AI for easy is just unbelievably cheap. You go up in the elevator and there already shooting before you enter. Now the glitches didn't really enter until you have to open the gate to get through (it has chains all over it) when the nazi's enter, the bullets that you shoot just fly right by them yet there's hurt you.

Now for a game that has beautiful artwork solid visuals but is weighed down by the uncaring gameplay and glitches you get a 6/10


The concept of the game was a good one. And the graphics were good. But the programming for the game needs to be checked. There were too many bugs. One I didn't like the Nazis going through walls and walking on thin air.

Pretty lame

I love how you were super slow compared to everyone else. I also loved how you couldnt shoot the bosses most of the time cause you cant choose were your firing. I also love how its just far too hard. I also loved the part when i blamed you.

I-smel responds:

You're faster than everyone else, you idiot.