Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


there should have been a fucking continue, i got to the last boss, got game over, then i broke my mouse out of pure frustration, i was pulling my hair out by the end of this. ugggg.... one hit kills... bad contra flashbacks! >_<


This game was clearly difficult, yes. But it was also challenging, as I read in your developer's log in LEGEND OF JOHNNY, You want the player to be kept on their toes and I kept that in mind while playing the game. The reason I rate this below my average 10/10, is because this game, as you can clearly see, needs a lot of work. Glitches, parts could be a bit easier, etc. For example, the elevator scene. If you crouch, the enemies on the next floor crouch. And you can't jump in the elevator, so its death city in there. I played once on easy, once on hard. On easy I could barely get to the second level, and on hard I had the boss by a rope. Just I couldn't get the next supply of grenades in. What might have been helpful, was a start from last checkpoint or something that started you over with half your lives and full grenades or something, so you wouldn't have to start alll over.

But this game was generally good, good-ish gameplay, good concept, just needs work. Lack of effort it like a disease, and it happens to the best of us.

Awesome arcade style gameplay

This is definitely a fun game. The gameplay was very much like Metal Slug. Including the difficulty. I couldn't actually beat the game, but hey. That's how it was made, right? Either way, great job. The only thing that could have used work is the music because of the incorrect looping and unfitting style (8-bit cutscenes, crystal clear game graphics and music). Keep up the good work!

love it

everybogy says its to hard but it plays almost just like metal slug only thing bad sound track almost to bland. allso beat it on hard


it's not even fare you can die from one shot thats just stupid next time make it better T_T but i still give it 5 stars