Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

Xd good

Good game man XD


the only thing i don like about this game is thats its no type of vatality(life).....do better in the 2nd game


CannonCrotch? really? unique name. story of the game is that Hitler never died. he was frozen. and unfrozted by Nazi's. how original. seriously i mean it. well. ill be honest i didnt like this game much. its not a run n gun game mostly because you cant run and shoot and you die in one hit. which is annoying in this game and alot of others. you get one power up. which is machine gun. and thats all there is. one thing i will praise about this game is the music for the first boss. sounds Irish and has a nice beat. 4/10 2/5.


So funny lol

this game is one of my favourites

nazis swearing guns and crotch with a cannon attached sweet jesus