Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

oW o_o

that would hurt! would you need surgery for that?

Very Nice!!

Really fun! I like how you made it very hard, but able to be enjoyed. Videogame companies could learn a thing or two from you.

Fun, but really difficult..

I'm not gonna give you a bad rating, only because this game was amazing. Unfortunately, it was way too hard. You should have at least incorporated a health system.
Oh, reference to "Dot Dot Dot": THIS GAME IS SOOOOOO ESSY!

You have a good game,

but you made it too difficult.
Great controls, the levels are nicely designed, the story is humorous, just too difficult. Everything is a one hit kill? That's a bit unfair.


it started out as a fun game, the characters made me laugh and the style was good, but then i got to the tanks. i understand that i'm ment to jump to dodge but the tanks would move closed until i could no longer avoid them and i was a little disapointed that i had to sacrifice 2 live each time i needed to get past a tank.