Reviews for "CannonCrotch"


that guy has no balls just a cannon!


Game sounds to hard yet he wants you to add some thing to make it even harder. LOL

No fawking sense, anyways...
The game is alright and yeah, playing on hard mode is insane but like all games, if there is a will there is a way. Just have to keep pushing harder to beat it.

Funny...But not so good...

Its OK. But its kinda unfair how u die in 1 shot.

if cannon crotch touched a pillow, he'd die

if you duck, they duck too and kill you. the tank can magically shoot you no matter what.and that is all i feel i need to say about this game.my summary;this game pisses me off. i gave the game two points for creativity and two for the soundtrack. i took away four for the tank and over itelligence for ai, and two for the lack of items, health, etc. you should make a condom launcher block your cannon and you have to mash "A" to break free


Hmmm, lets see here... you've got nazis, check. Metal slug type shooter, check. Aaaaaaaaand you seem to have a crotch capable of firing ballistics and grenades.