Reviews for "CannonCrotch"

hitler away!!!

need more lives plane bad sos need assistance

I-smel responds:

This review sounds like someone did it in morse code =/


I loved it,It wont work on my laptop tho, What program do u need to run it?is it java or shockwave?

I-smel responds:

The latest edition of Adobe Flash Player, same as all the games on Newgrounds.

veery fun

very fun but still hard

Best game EVAR.

This game is by far the best game I have EVER played. It has EVERYTHING. Humor, Violence, some other shit. Just awesome.

I like the last scene at the end of the credits.

I-smel responds:

there's a scene at the end of the credits? cool, I havent seen it

title song

hey what is the name of the song on the title screen