Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"


Learn to make some games u fool... THis is the biggest piece of trash i have seen in my life... Needs a better game thingy

no thanks

damn bad controls...



Good idea, bad execution.

I thought the idea and the concept was very good, but it was generally badly executed. It felt like there was far too much scenery about that could cause damage, which totally ruined the excitement and speed aspect of the game. I found it almost impossible to speed, regardless of whether or not speed cameras were about.

Certain aspects of the scenery were puzzling; why were there lots of plants about mixed in with a strange alien-punk landscape?

Anyway, I thought the idea was very good and could work well, but the game does require some work and probably a greater emphasis on play testing.


Damage too easily, way too hard and not at all fun. NO stars for you,