Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

cumon u can do better than THIS!

boring. nothing new. a dull game...maby u cood put in sum space pirates and give the taxi a few guns...then that wood be a great game! keep trying!

Buggy, strange

Like the graphics, and while the crazy taxi concept has been done, there's no harm in doing it in a new way.

Some problems: some parts of map are very screwed up, my ship actually got "ejected" from the map into deep space.

It's not clear what your ship is allowed to touch/crossover and what it is not allowed to touch, so there are a lot of bumps even for the careful player. For example, I just assumed that since the "black hole" tunnels have ships going in and out, that your cab should be able to use them for shortcuts. Touching them damages the cab. On the other hand, touching the pickup platforms (which are presumably solid objects, since people are standing on them) does no harm.

The "speed limits" seem almost impossible to comply with. I tried to finesse my way past the cameras, but just barely touching the arrow keys caused my ship to accelerate into the 100s and break the limit.


kinda fun but too easy


This was a great game, although I crashed to many times :(
I noticed you used a song from iMovie.


The game WAS rather easy, but I liked the whole concept behind it. The layout of the map was understandably frustrating, to make it harder to steer, but I loved the look of the whole thing nonetheless. Loved the little nod to Grimoire there too!