Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

pretty good

nice Game
Nothing more nothing less

I don't get the hate

This game runs fine in high quality on my computer and my comp isn't even that good. This is confusing.
The concepts great, it's like crazy taxi in space. The people saying there's no point obviously haven't played crazy taxi and the amount of obstacles make it challenging!
It's no fun if it's really easy anyways.
I got the 2nd highest score at one point but now i'm down to 10th.
It's a great game, so it's sad that people aren't really enjoying it.
I am. Well done.

@ wtfuguys

The controls were like the best thing! They worked perfect.
To bad my computer got a case of crazy-lag, even with Low Quality so I couldn't enjoy it fer now.
Backgrounds looked cool too and it was fun to see something from the Super flash bros in a while.

good game

good game i liked it bit short though other dan dat id hav 2 give it a nine plus i think it wud be beta if u cud upgrade your taxi

short but nice

Things are very cluttered in the future.