Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

A good attempt

The atmosphere was really nice, and gameplay (generally speaking) is quite good. However, the game gets stuck from time to time, until you release-repress the button you are holding. Were you to fix that problem and add a few more features (like stages, or different layouts), this would be a great game.

game sucks

not even gonna tell you why. try testing them befor eyou submit them.

This is not the Super-Flash-Bros!

Come on guys! You really can do better. Go back to your old style please?
I love your other things but... a 5/10 and 3/5.

Twitchy controls

I couldn't even find my first fare. I crashed twice just trying to figure out where I was. I couldn't tell what was background and what was absticle.

Not what I expected

It has pretty descent graphics, actually, very good graphics. Nice sounds, and ok music (It gets repetitive after the first minute). The game itself...ahh...The mechanics are hard to master. I spend most of my time taping quickly each key to prevent the ship from crashing. It was annoying. The physics of the game are acceptable, but please, please, fix the gravity (it pulls you down way too fast) and do something about the accelerator (If I am passing by a speed camera I cannot just simply let go of the arrow and let the ship just hover on by because the ship will surely drop and get busted. I can't even really tap the button because it goes from 0-120 in .357 seconds.)

It could have been so much better, if only those things are fixed. It's a hovering vehicle, let it break the laws of gravity. Let it slowly fall to the ground or something (It's fun that way :D ).