Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

Pretty good

I like the idea, just like DreamCast's Crazy Taxi--I loved that game!!! The only problem I had was I can't tell sometimes the difference between the background and objects. Neat way of moving around though for the concept.

Holy Crap!!

Good Work man!! You could make the 2nd game more 6-d?!?!?

Great work

Great job you did there,the artworks are great,but it is a bit complicated when you must not run into a speed camera over 80 mph.preety hard to do that.but the game is great.


Not bad, not bad. Graphics were pretty good, but the one thing I don't lke, is that it's somewhat hard to tell which is the background, and which is the foreground. Once when you figure out that you need the arrow keys to move, it's all downhill! Nice work, really.


I gave up real quick because you couldn't hit your ship very much. I like the idea though.