Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

I think I liked this more than most people. I guess I just liked how small everything was. You really could get a good look at what was going on. Still, it could have been easier. I think it was a bit ambiguous. I do like picking people up.

This background really is quite well detailed. I'm glad you made it like that. It seems different than most of your usual games. It's weird how ArmorGames was credited as an author. The music was pretty cool too.

wow really hard

great game, i loved the map but it was hard to tell what was going to damage the taxi and what you could just fly through but great game

OK But...

Its a nice game but more levels would be nice, Its too short, Maybe add a background story.


I've played better. Alot better. I just didn't like it.


ok dude sry but i think this thing totaly sucks ass so.... make it rommier and change the meters bcus the speed increases too much........ its impossible