Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"

has problems

speed meters kinda suck because your cab increases speed way too fast. also,found the setting way too clutered with crap you can hit,how about making it more roomy?


I was disappointed. I saw the SuperFlashBros name and I got excited. I had no reason to, now knowing that this game sucks. At first my biggest problem was lack of 3-D and graphics, then i discovered that the game is automatically set in lowest quality. Wow, I believe this game is fail. Good idea though, just terrible presentation.

good game

only flaw, well there were a few others but, i noticed that if you continually ram into a triangular object (being that you're INSIDE the triangle) you will potentially run out of the game's boundary and fall forever or until you run out of hull if you crash into the blackness.

Could be better?

This is a good game with an awesome concept, however, your speed goes up way too fast its too hard to go slow near the speed guns. Also, you crash into things way too easily. All in all a good game but needs some work :)


bad, no other thing to say