Reviews for "Cosmo Cabs"


The consept i think was good but...
1-Graphics not too flash (pun intended).
2-Plants and stuff in space?
3-Way to many obsticals.
4-damage is delt to quck.
5- And after a while it gets a bit er...boring/repetitive, there needs to be more to it.


Way too confusing.


It would be better with the damage being not so quick!


It's a good game but I found that you can disappear from the map by going into the wall and pretty much take too much damage too quickly.

The idea is awesome, I love the idea of an galatic style taxi game,
There needs to be less obsatcles in the way,
BUT it's still a good game and I enjoyed it

fun, but i stink at it.

that was fun. i wish it was a little longer, and some more characters would be more interesting.
similar to a lot of other games i have played, but i enjoyed the space theme. the graphics were really well done.
all in all, great job.