Reviews for "Medieval Cowboys"

I didn't this combination would sound good....,

But you proved me wrong! Great job! It sounds like it could be a song in one of the legend of zelda games.

Sounds really professional!

feels like you're in a cinema watching a medieval pirate action comedy movie to me :D

sounds like it should be in a zelda game

but its still awesome and really creative i gotta give u some props for that and i have to say u did a great job on this

Tomppaah responds:

From one Zelda fan to another, Thank you! :)


I Love Medievil Times for some reason. It was probably because of runescape. I also Love swords! 10 for u and medival times too I wish i could go that time period once at least o.o really.

Tomppaah responds:

Well I just happen to own a time machine, so you better stick around!

Thank you very much! ;D

Hobbits man, Hobbits!

This is brilliant. It reminds me of Hobbits dancing and being merry.

Tomppaah responds:

Aren't hobbits ALWAYS dancing and being merry? ;)

Thank you!