Reviews for "Medieval Cowboys"

Kinda Reminds me of Soma Bringer

Is it just me or does this tune kinda sound like the theme heard while roaming the mothership (shortzkatike or something) in Soma Bringer for the DS? It would make a very good Town theme in an RPG. The town could be a thriving trade-town with European-Style brick houses and a coal train that runs through the entire town to a mine not far from the town.

(For those that are into loading hacked backups on flashcards on their DS and like RPGs, you should know very well what Soma Bringer is.)

simply Beautifull

is the less i can say about this song, this provides hapiness and an ambience that specifies: Sea, Adventure and Action

the rythm and the melody gives more than i expected i have to say congratulations for your song, and im kinda impressed, is that your first time?

still doesn't matter for an answer, because is just a review
i know myself i can still listen to it more than once and don't get tired of it

Congratulations for your song, this one i consider one of the Best Songs i heard in this month

you deserve this Rate and my humble Respect


I love this so much! It's unique. Plus, this song's got a sense of humor. I like that. XD

I can also see this big crazy scene in my head that would go along with this. :P

Tomppaah responds:

Haha, thank you. :)

Take a picture of your head so I can see it too! :O

without doubt the best song I have ever heard!

This is the best song that I have ever heard on New Grounds! I can tell you put major time and dedication in to this piece of work be cause it is astonishing. I would love to use this for a game I am making, this is just Amazing! GREAT JOB MAN!

Tomppaah responds:

And you'r my favorite person on newgrounds! Thank you. :D

You are more than welcome to use this in you'r game :)

This song is FTW

nuff said. I love this :D

Tomppaah responds:

Tyvm! ;D