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Just like YumeSin said it seems like a good song for like a funny adventurous game or flash. If i was a flash artist I would use this for a flash idea I just got from listening to it haha.

Heh : 3

Sounds like something I'd use in a video game on a funny traveling event, or during a funny event entirely.

I dunno, but I get the funny/adventurous feel from this, as if character(s) we're going on a journey then BAM something funny happens.

Awesome! <3
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Tomppaah responds:


Classy party

Yup, I can see this going along with some movie based in the middle ages/middle earth time line too. The tune seems to be a real cheery drinking song as well as if people were having a party and celebrating before they get to the more serious stuff.

The violin sounds very light, cheery, and playful as if enticing the listener to lighten up a bit and just have a little bit of fun for the day. The tambourine is simple yet fun to hear I guess and kind of makes me think of Final Fantasy XII where you are at Clan Centurio. The drums play on a very light and fun note.

Overall, cheerful.

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Superb progression!

I have to say, I laughed away at MTLanes comment. You cant listen to it in a car or on HIS mp3 so omg take a 6. Has he ever thought you could possibly use it in a rpg?

Anyway, this is excellent, you have caught the sound perfectly and it's so fun sounding, honestly expect something like this in the next guildwars or something like that. :D Great work Tomppaah, stunning composition.

Tomppaah responds:

Haha, thank you Peter! :D

Always putting a smile on my lips. :)