Reviews for "Medieval Cowboys"

Happy song

This song made me smile, and I downloaded it, it's great for just listening anytime, and I can imagine it in so many games and movies. Great work here!

Tomppaah responds:

I hope you'll find joy in this when you least expect it. :D

Thank you!

Most excellent!

I really really REALLY love how you make use of everything, now this is true quality orchestration ^__^

Tomppaah responds:

Haha, thank you :D

I could dance!

This is really nice!

The balance that you have is wonderful. The snare throughout the piece is at a superb level. A lot of people seem to overdo the snare, but you have it sitting at such a place that it enhances the texture without being distracting. The same with your use of marimba/mallet instrument.

The orchestration is really nice as well. I love how you double the piccolo and strings around :45 seconds in. On a different note, the subtle string patterns (like the grace note sounding thing at the beginning) make for a believable emulation of performers, even using virtual instruments.

Your use of dynamic contrast is also very thought out. It gives a certain organic feeling to the piece. You must have spent a fair deal of time on this piece. How long? What VSTs did you use?

I love this. The melodies are fun, and the instruments dance about one another in a fantastic manner. Wonderful! I can envision this in a professional film or video game.

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you very much! :)

"You must have spent a fair deal of time on this piece. How long?"
I sat for about 2 days straight on this one. :D I'm almost kinda sad that it's over, becouse it was so much fun working on this ;)

"What VSTs did you use?"
Everything you hear is EWQLSO :) I love that sample pack to bits!


This is a great song. It starts off good, then quickly becomes a bit boring but it makes up for that pretty soon, when it starts to get very cheerful. I was nearly falling asleep at the start, but the cheerful part woke me up, quite nicely. If anything, it's certainly worthy of putting it into a video game.

I'm actually considering setting this as my alarm clock in the morning, and that wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Downloaded, favourited, 5/5 and 10/10.