Reviews for "Medieval Cowboys"

Happy Awesomeness!

this is really a happy tune! makes me feel like doing stuff :D great song! Lets do a medieval Fest! :P

Tomppaah responds:

All I have to say is:

When and where?!

Great song

It's a great song. In fits perfectly on a Medieval RPG, when i listened it, i remebered Zelda. I don't have more words to describe this.


omg! for a moment i thought I was back in my zelda windwaker adventure! really professional sound! also really complex and nice melodies, I see talent in this I love it!

Keep it up!

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you! :>

Me love you long time. <3

Very good song!

That kind of remembered me pirate's song too.

This really is epic!

This has the really Medieval Touch to it yet also has the Legend of Zelda Windwaker sound... Keep up the great music productions!

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you my good sir! :) Rest assured that I will NEVER stop making music! :D