Reviews for "Medieval Cowboys"

u hit max awsomeness!

yeah man this is dope and sweet.

I agree with Darkdragon1k

It does have a Legend of Zelda-esque feel to it, and it kinda makes me want to get the OoT remake they are coming out with, but if I remember right it's a 3DS exclusive...But that just makes me want it more, cause playing on a 3DS is like controlling a game through a window INTO the game. Anybody else excited for it? :D I just LOVE how this song reminds me of that game...It was such a fun game...They say that after Skyward Sword it's all gonna be fucking Toon Link...So fucking gay.

Very interesting combination

In my head, it's a conflicting image between a questing knight trotting in the countryside and a cowboy riding in the west.

And verily, we didst engage in sundry hoedowns!

A really fun piece of orchestration you've got going on here. You've combined two styles of music to create a fairly original sound. This definitely needs to be in a video game. Great work!

Tomppaah responds:

Oh how I wish that'd happen! :>

Pure undiluted awesomeness

I had this funny image of cowboys with chain mail armor and swords while listening to this awesome song