Reviews for "The Strangers"

Great game

I could see any problems, but you should add a repeat for the radio transmissions in case the sniper doesn't move on time.


I couldnt find a shooter on sniper 3, and i noticed you like to put enemies behind the HUD such as the WATCH. If you miss because you cant see for jack youre out of luck. Fix the game

Not too good

Graphics and controls were pretty good, but some of the stuff didn't work at all. My radio kept saying that there was a sniper in position 4, but it wouldn't let me go there because it thought there WASN'T a sniper there. One time, I tried shooting a guy, but he just wouldn't die. I used up all my ammo on him, too. Nothing. The watch was annoying too, as was the scope blacking out. This game needs a LOT more work.

well its good but...

there were a number of bugs in it. a stranger shows up in one window, and when u go to zoom he disappears, or a stranger is supposed to be there as in position 2 but no one is and you lose, also there was one point where i shot the stranger except i had to reload but found i was out of ammo but still had 3 rounds when i pulled. also the same stranger kept showin up in this one window, except for that the concept is very nice in fact i like it


Great game.
But I kept shooting one "menace" and it would keep saying "menace on position whatever" and I would shoot him again and I would see him die. But then it would say he was there again...and then he was there again, alive still.