Reviews for "The Strangers"

Awesome, but...

Some things need to be improved.
-It needs more levels
-Sound FX
-More ammo
-Positions take too long to swap

Other than that, one of my favourite games!

Fun Game

It was fun, but the radio messages get kinda of jumbled up and you lose track of where you are supposed to send your snipers. Could use some improvement, but overall a well thought out game.


i thought it was an interesting idea for game play but it just didn't work.
i dont know how other people found the masks but i seemed do a weird thing where the second teams scope site wasn't a full circle, tried it at different quality's but didn't help. cant say i liked the story behind it seemed a bit propagandaish to me. but maybe it was ganna be spy story's with the twists and such.
um my suggestions would be make it more tactical like have lots of points to position from. and let the player deploy the teams at the start.
and please get some voices. reading it was annoying just doesn't suit an action game, how about some chatter over the coms?
overall your technical skills were impressive but as for game play sorry i thought it left alot to be desired i just didn't find it any fun

It's not bad

I was able to find the enemy snipers. But I ran out of ammo when i found an enemy sniper hiding behind the "watch" in the top right of the screen.. can't see. you should not have snipers appear there since it interferes with the interface. Also just add more damn ammo, what is the point of reloading if you only have 5 ammo anyway


pretty sweet game, the atmosphere and music were really nice. However, the enemy snipers were hiding a but too well....