Reviews for "The Strangers"


wtf was that? i usually love these games, but now, this was just crap,
you change to position 2, because you know there is the next menace, then there comes the message, there is one in sector 2, so you go seek him, but you dont find him, because when you already there when the message comes the menace won´t show up, but they can shoot your target, so you have to go to the start again. this sucks

good but

the english on this game seemed to be bad you can tell the person who made it is clearly isnt english and parts of it were hard to get

I likes me a good sniper game

This didn't really disappoint. However, either more ammo is needed or more snipers. There really wasn't enough of either to effectively cover the zones. Very well done, keep it coming and please remember to improve. 10/10 5/5


This game is abotu shooting and going. its brilliant. I love the game style and everything

only critisism is slightly faster gameplay, and make more levels!!!


Nice effort, but the radio messages are useless if it takes freaking forever for the snipers to change position...oh, there's a menace at position 1? well, let me just get over there....it'll take ten minutes, but I'm sure the enemy won't take a shot by then--BANG!--oh shit!