Reviews for "The Strangers"

very nice, but...

i coundnt find a guy in sector 3 and then there was 2 menaces.beside that it was very good

Good Attempt

yeah real nice thought buuut... uh well the second "stranger" on the first mission never appears i've looked at every building a million times and he is never there... other than not being able to get past the first stage, well nice try.


ok game and i seriously agree with Egoist, F*CK DEMOCRACY, F*CK GEORGE BUSH F*CK SOMETHIN!!!!! lolOL XD

Good but...

I can't kill the goddamn civilians =(

Besides I wouldn't kill someone who doesn't want democracy. I'd kill someone who wants democracy.


Where in hell was that fucking assassin?I couldnt find him till it was far 2 fricking l8.And,it's only th 1st goddamn mission.Could u make th watch a lil smaller and in digital time pls?Overall,it was a good concept.Just needs improvement