Reviews for "The Strangers"

good game.

I'm pretty sure I was given more targets than bullets.

makes it a little hopeless.

I like your game

a lot. Everything was smooth, flawless, and well executed. I especially love your music and the beat. The intro was great and the way the words appeared on the bass.
Tutorial was great and I love your fresh take on this genre of "find hidden enemies with a scope and shoot him" It's been done before, but you do it so damn well.
However, I still can't get rid of the menace on position 2, but I'm gonna keep trying.

Can you tell me what music you used for this?


lots of bugs..
i see a sniper one second
and i go to look back
and he is gone
>_> and it says there is a sniper in some places but i just cant see him


Well for some reason at position 3 the same "stranger" came up to the same window 3 times in a row and I ran otu of ammo in which to kill him.

Then on the next play though, position 1's shooter couldnt be killed.

Very cool!

Just didn't give it a 10/10 because it was too short, only one mission long. Could be longer since it's so great, but that's not necessarely a bad thing, since maybe you done this just to see if people like it, or maybe just made it out of the fun of making it.

The only problem is this game is that, in positions 2 and 3, the game slows down because of the white light. And I got a good computer.