Reviews for "The Strangers"

Good game

If it at least had 2 levels I'd have given it a 10.


Cool game. Needs sound FX for gun shots, better graphics definately for a 5 frame game (including the map), and the communications need to be voiced, not read.
However it was cool that you could switch positions. It's definately awesome concept, but improve in those areas and you will have one awesome game.


too complex. its realistic the moving thing but i don't want to deal with that and the control scheme leaves something to be desired. make a simpler one that looks this good and you will be my hero

ok game

graphics were better than average and the gameplay was much more sophisticated then most normal games, but i think you spent too much time trying to make the game complex that you forgot about the overall goal of making a fun game. sophistication doesn't always mean a better game. i also found the targets pretty hard to find and the gameplay was slow as well.
look forward to a sequel if u decide to make one

Fun but there was a little bug

Whenever an enemy sniper would take a shot, the gunshot sound would suddenly loop and then the sound just stops altogether
Cool game though