Reviews for "The Strangers"

It was ok.

I kinda enjoyed it but only 5 bullets for each sniper??? It really gives u a limitation. And the background was way to boring cuz all could see was the VIP and some the audience. You could have done a better job by putting more effort making the background. And finishing 1 mission took too long perhaps?? Try limitating the terrorist like 4 in each mission or something. I spent almost 7mins on mission 1 and i ran out of bullets. You should really work on those problems. 6/10

its ok

its ok but on mission 1 when it says theres a menace in Postion 2 i looked al over the map and never found him and then the guy i was protecting died but u get a 4 for good gameplay

could of been great

this had the makings of a good game,but 5 bullets and so long to mave give me a break


i like clear view hell of alot more then this,
cause i like games your a hotman not a f****** cop with 5 bullets 5 only 5 how crap not everyone can shoot perfectly

Decent game, not any better than average.

This game had some MAJOR problems. I say MAJOR because these problems are a big part of the game.

1. Could have had a way better storyline and more missions.

2. Too much time per mission. I dont want to spend 5 minutes on 1 level. And 3 of those minutes are used waiting for something to happen, and the other 2 minutes are used while waiting for snipers to change positions.

3. A little dull. You spend your time doing nothing as I explained before. its just 2 snipers, with 5 bullets each, 4 positions, and 1 mission...

Its still a decent game but I dont think it deserves to be in a collection.

I give you a 3/5 and 7/10. Try harder man. I know you can get there. If you make a sequel I hope that you would include my opinions and others when making it. That way you really know what your people want.

Thanks for the game,
good luck with future games,
and have a nice day.

See ya.