Reviews for "The Strangers"


i cant beat it. i cant find the 3rd position stranger


dude its pretty good game awesome graphic but WAY WAY too slow paced man...you need to make it faster....and also on the 3 stranger whos in postion 1 in the first level theres a bug.... if i zoom in or out in the window where i killed the first stranger.... i can still see him dying...

Great game!

This is a VERY good game. Only two suggestions I have. First, if you're already at Position 2 and you press 2, you shouldn't have the "loading" (information) screen reappear for Position 2 (since you're already looking at that spot). The other would be that, at the last Menace kill, it should show him get shot, and then fade to the Mission complete. As it stands, you don't quite get that whole "I finished the level!" sort of feel because the last kill isn't really acknowledged. I assume that is just a sort of Work-In-Progress type ending, because it definitely seems like you were going to add more missions for this release. :D

Other than those two minor preferences, it was a fantastically made game! Great music, awesome graphics, nice smooth play, and good dynamics with having to move your snipers around. I didn't quite understand the reloading mechanism, as I though the red bullets were the number in your gun, but when I reloaded, that didn't change.

I look forward to more areas and missions. :)

Great Game

Great game, only problem I had was that I just couldn't find some of the "strangers"
Oh well maybe next time.